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Join us on Saturday August 6 for a Workshop on Anxiety and Stress

WORKSHOP ROOT CAUSE AUG 06, 2022 ANXIETY & STRESS This coming event will include various healing practices focusing on Anxiety & Stress. Why & What may be affecting us? How can we tweak our life? We will start with a short meditation, following different sessions about: Stress Management | Ayurveda | Energy Healing | Feng Shui Program 10:30 AM – Welcome – Nadira S. 10:45 AM – Short Meditation 11:00 AM – Stress Management – Dan Z., Ph.D. 11:30 AM – Ayurveda “The Root Cause” Your Body & Mind – Nadira S. 12:00 PM – Break 12:15 PM – Energy Healing – Sonia G 12:45 PM – Feng Shui “The Root Cause” Your Home – Oscar D. 01:15 PM – Closing Word – Oscar D.

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