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Cleanse and Detoxify the Mind

Kapalabhati pranayama - known as " breath of fire" is a technique that cleanses, detoxifies and invigorates your mind and body.

kapalabhati is made up of two Sanskrit words: kapāla meaning 'skull', and bhāti meaning 'shining, illuminating'.

Start by inhaling fully, taking your time and filling up your lungs.

Begin by exhaling shortly and sharply through the nose for anywhere from 30 to 100 strokes (exhales). Your focus should mostly be on the exhales, letting your inhales happen naturally.

Passively inhale, actively exhale.

An increased amount of prana (energy) moving throughout your body. Notice how your body feels after the practice.. you might feel more energised, as an increased amount of blood will now be circulating throughout the your body.

Kapalabhati helps to calm the mind. When we are so focused on the ratio, pattern and force of the breath, we have no time to think of anything else. This allows our mind to settle and focus.

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